Staying Safe on a motorbike

Bike riding can be an excellent way to get around and a good form of transportation. It can also be a hazardous activity. Staying safe while riding your bike is crucial to enjoying this activity. If an accident occurs then you may need a solicitors in berkshire to help you with any legal issues. Follow a few tips so that you won't have to call an accident helpline during your bike rides.

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Wear a Helmet

This is the easiest thing you can do to protect yourself when riding a bike. Your helmet will protect your head if you fall off your bike and prevent permanent damage.

Watch for Traffic

Many bikers become injured when they are hit by cars. Avoiding cars is your first priority as a cyclist. Outfit your bike with a headlight that will make you more visible at night. Wearing reflective clothing also helps to protect you from collisions.

Use your arm to signal your intentions to turn. Many bikers are hurt when attempting to make a turn in front of a moving car. There are some universal symbols that will signal your intention to make turn or other maneuver.

Follow the Traffic Rules

Many cyclists choose to ride on the wrong side of the street so that they can see the cars approaching them. While this may seem like a sensible idea, it is actually quite dangerous. A car that is approaching you will be driving at a much faster speed than one that is driving behind you. In addition, cars that are making turns are not looking for you to be coming at them from the wrong direction. They are more likely to slam into you if you are riding in the wrong direction.

Safety at Stop Lights

If you are stopped at a light next to a waiting car, you can be hit if the car tries to turn and cannot see you. The key is to stop where all waiting cars can either see you or miss hitting you. This means that you may have to pull ahead of the first car at the stop light, or wait to the back of the first car, but ahead, and in the line of sight, of the second car. Many cyclists are hurt by cars that are turning and can't see them.

Outfit Your Bike for Safety

Install a horn, rear view mirror and reflectors on your bike to make riding safer. These features will make it more likely that passing motorists will be able to see you and avoid hitting you and injuring you. Wear bright clothing, especially at night, when riding your bike. Remember that a small bike can be practically invisible to a car at certain angles, so make yourself as large as possible to ensure your safety when riding.

Bike riding has many environmental and health benefits, but it can also be hazardous. Many calls come in to the accident helpline when bicyclists are injured. Don't become a statistic. Take safety precautions when riding your bike so that you will be able to get around safely and avoid becoming injured.